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Government Tenders

Tender information is fetched from public procurement websites and is provided to businesses for free to help businesses across the globe to find business opportunities. Our platform tracks all the tenders, RFQs across the country from all the government departments and provides it on its platform as soon as it is published. Our Tender Portal provides information on E-procurement, Public Tenders, Government bids, International Bidding opportunities etc. We help business from all sectors and countries with potential tender leads that help them grow their business globally through Tendering. If you find a tender that is not on our platform, let us know through the request documents tab and we will send it to you immediately. This is a free service provided by us.

Lead Generation Platform

If you are a startup into the construction industry or an experienced business, you need leads on a daily basis. Many website do provide leads but are either fake or already closed since they have been passed to so many members. Cappiyo eliminates both these problems. By registering onto our platform you will be asked to put in the keywords pertaining to your business. E.g. – Cement, Buildings, Roads, Drones, architect, modular furniture, kitchen etc. We use match making with these keywords to find focused and verified leads specially pertaining to your business. So now no irrelevant leads will be shown to you. You can bid on as many leads as possible but to maintain the quality and authenticity of the leads, you will be able to request number of the clients selectively. Further, if you are a contractor, consultant or a client, you can put requirements on this next generation platform to find verified vendors, suppliers and contractors or to compare prices etc to execute your work on time.

About Us
About Us

Construction Management Software

Cappiyo provides a state of the art cloud based ERP software for document management and collaboration for the SMEs in the construction industry. Cappiyo’s architecture is designed by seasoned professionals working for companies executing projects more than $1 billion. Cappiyo has been tried and tested in the Indian market and it has proven to be a tailor made solution for the Clients, Contractors, Consultants, Architects, Interior designers and Suppliers in the construction industry. Using the cutting edge technology Cappiyo can manage the following modules for you:- Tender Management, bid Management, Estimation and Costing, Lead management, Contracts Management, Staff Management, Leave and Payroll management, Project budget and schedule tracking, Project Inventory management, Approvals management, Project Management, Daily Reports, Document management and Collaboration